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AQHA Call Me Holly Doll , Athena Puddy Cat x Own daughter of Docs Hickory


🌺 5 yr old mare broke for anyone 🌸 💕 video available 💕

 Check out this super cool little mare!!!! Echo is pretty everything everyone is looking for!!! She’s 5 years old, covered a lot of miles, seen a lot of country and all kinds of terrain, ridden in clinics and chaotic environments, been around cows, goes off alone or in a group! Anyone can ride her too!! She has more whoa than go but will move when asked also. She can pack a child all day or you can put grandma on her then take her out to get a job done! She loves to be loved one, petted, groomed, bathed etc. This mare is broke too. She lopes a beautiful circle all day, picks up both leads with ease and switches them too!!! Plenty of brakes and really gets into the ground to stop!! She does a neat little turnaround. Slow at it but nothing that won’t get good and solid with a bit more work. She’s bred right too! This mare will do anything and be a great addition to any program! She will literally go about any direction you would like to take her or she would put out some really nice babies in a breeding program!!! She needs a job. I have 5 2 yr olds to ride and I don’t have time to ride her and she deserves so much better than what I can give her right now! Located in Millersburg, oh. Videos available!! Call or text 330 465 9147 or PM me. 4800 or make me an offer.

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